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Pakistan Television Network (PTV) is one of the most prestigious government owned institution in Pakistan. It has been in operation for almost 52 years and has a good reputation. Many job seekers, especially in the field of media, aspire to work in PTV. Here is some valuable information for you if you are looking for PTV jobs.

PTV Jobs- Qualification Required

For PTV jobs there are no hard and fast rules for qualification. PTV advertises many positions year round in various capacities. All these jobs demand different qualification. The jobs range from short-term internships to full-time jobs. Students can apply In these internships. Volunteers are also required for various programs that are aired.

PTV Jobs- Required Experience

If you are looking for PTV jobs, then you need to have a good experience. PTV is a top television network in Pakistan and hire those people who have adequate experience. In every job, experience will count. It matters more than your qualification. If you are a student and want to work in future for PTV, you should consider doing an internship or volunteer in any programs. It will give you a chance to understand the about the day to day tasks at PTV. More importantly you will get a chance to make important links with other people who are already working there. It could be helpful in future. Jobs at PTV

Job Nature

It might seem to you that jobs in PTV might be mostly for people having previous experience in mass communication.  Actually, this is not the case, jobs are available for people from various fields. There are IT jobs for as a lot of broadcasting work is mainly dependent on IT software and hardware. PTV jobs are also available in the finance department. There are also job openings in Engineering Division for engineers who look after the day to day operations as well as maintenance. Apart from this, the jobs in the studio specialist technician and assistants are available from time to time. If you have any related qualification or experience you can apply for these jobs.

You can also get to work on-screen, in the various programs of PTV or as news-caster. These are the most sought after media jobs. For these jobs, you need to have a decent and attractive personality and some sort of experience in the media industry. It is also important to mention here that these sort of jobs are not advertised. So if you are a student, you should definitely avail the chance of volunteering or doing internship at PTV. It will surely prove to be beneficial future for you in this regard.


According to the official site of PTV, they have about 6,000 employees working in various capacities. So if you are willing to work in PTV there are good chances that you can get your dream job in PTV. Make sure that you do not miss any job advertisement from PTV and have a well-developed resume.

Working at PTV can be an experience of a life time. You will get a chance to meet and work with the most influential personalities in the media industry. You can make good connections for life and more importantly you will have an enjoyable job which would be unlike other ordinary office jobs.

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