Nursing Jobs in Australia for Foreigners

Nursing Jobs in Australia

Nursing Jobs in Australia

Nursing Jobs in Australia

Nursing jobs in Australia continue to be in high demand. This is a well-paying job with lots of opportunities in cities all across the country.

The Australian Visa Bureau currently lists nursing and midwives as part of their “Critical Skills” occupations. This means that if you are a foreign-born immigrant who can demonstrate that you meet the competency standards required, you may be able to immigrate to Australia to fulfill the critical shortage of nurses that Australia is currently experiencing.

Requirements for Nursing Jobs in Australia

In addition to passing competency tests, immigrants must also pass English proficiency exams. Only New Zealand residents entering the country do not have to pass the English proficiency exams.

Salary Status of Nursing Jobs in Australia

Nursing Jobs in Australia

Nursing Jobs in Australia

Currently, nurses receive between $23 and $38 dollars per hour (AU), averaging around $29/hr. This equates to an average yearly salary of around $60,000AU per year. Nurses who work in the Intensive Care Unit or the Operating room will make 3-4% more per year than nurses who work in Labor and Delivery or Hospice.

Degree Duration

In Australia, it takes 3 years to receive a Bachelor of Nursing degree. The program includes clinical placements within the first few weeks of study as well as being ‘buddied’ with registered nurses throughout the program.

In the last year of the program, students will undertake a rigorous clinical practice that might preclude them from taking another job for the final two semesters of the program.

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