Malaysia Job Opportunities for Foreigners

Each year thousands of people come to Malaysia for jobs. The job market in Malaysia is quite attractive and it is becoming a popular place to migrate to. Moreover the cost of living is also low in Malaysia as compared to the European countries. If you are looking for Malaysia Job Opportunities, then here are some of the best jobs in Malaysia for foreigners.

1- Surgeon

If you are a surgeon or a doctor, you can have a good future in Malaysia. The surgeons here can earn up to RM 70,000 each month. The general doctors on the other hand can get up to RM 95,000 monthly.

2- Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

This is one of the top level executive positions in any company. The CFOs of the companies can also earn up to RM 70,000 on monthly basis. If you have a very sound educational background and experience in finance, you can apply for these jobs.

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Best Jobs in Malaysia for Foreigners

3- Real Estate Broker

The properties in Malaysia are booming. The real estate markets have been seeing an increasing trend. This has led increase in the number of jobs for real estate brokers. You must have good communication skills and understanding of real estate markets for these jobs. The real estate brokers in Malaysia can make up to RM 55,000 monthly.

4- Auditor

If you are a certified auditor, you can earn a good fortune in Malaysia. These jobs are on demand and senior level auditors can earn up to a maximum of RM 9,000 monthly.

5- Engineers

The jobs for engineers are also in demand in Malaysia especially Electronics Engineers. These jobs are also predicted to increase in future. Electronics engineers in Malaysia can also make up to RM 8,500 monthly.

6- Pharmacist

The pharmacist job is included in one of the best jobs in Malaysia. The job prospects for pharmacists are plenty. Moreover with the booming pharmaceutical industries, these jobs will increase in future. A pharmacists can make around RM 4,000 monthly.

Best Jobs in Malaysia

Pharmacist Jobs in Malaysia

7- IT Professionals

The jobs for IT professionals are also increasing in Malaysia. No matter what the industry or organization may be, they are in need of IT professionals. IT professionals can earn around RM 3,000 on starting level. If you have more experience then you can even make double of this on monthly basis.

Malaysia Job Opportunities- Conclusion

Now you must have a good idea about the Malaysia Job Opportunities that also pay well. It must be kept in mind that the salaries mentioned above are just basic salaries and do not include benefits and incentives.

While looking for jobs in Malaysia, it would be best to get hired by an international employer. The completion for the best jobs in Malaysia is very high. It would be favourable if you are coming to Malaysia after being hired rather than trying your luck on tourist visa. It can work in case if you are highly educated. Here is some more information related to Malaysia Job Opportunities from Department of Statictics, Malaysia which you need to know.

We find it important to mention here that if you are fluent in English and have good leadership and communication skills, then you have good chances to get promoted faster. All in all the prospects for jobs in Malaysia are very good. You can have a good career here if you have a sound educational background and professional experience.

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