Healthcare Jobs in Netherlands for Professionals

If you are a healthcare professional working anywhere in the world, you would surely be interested in getting better opportunities. Better career prospects mean the more you can earn and the better lifestyle you can live. If you are keeping these things in mind then healthcare jobs in Netherlands would surely prove to be the right for your career.
Moreover a lot of professional prefer to work in the Netherlands. This is because of the international workforce, better living standards and better future prospects. Especially if you are from Africa or Asia, getting a job in Netherlands would make you a good fortune.

Healthcare Industry in Netherlands

In the year 2105, Netherlands was rated the number one country in the Euro Health Consumer Index. This surely depicts how established and well maintained is their healthcare system. Their healthcare industry is also expected to increase at 4% annually. This will also result in a lot more job openings.

In Netherlands the small and the medium healthcare companies constitute the majority of the health care industry. You can easily find healthcare jobs in Netherlands in such companies. There are also many non-profit as well as private hospitals which have hundreds of job openings for qualified professionals.

Healthcare Jobs in Netherlands

Healthcare Jobs in Netherlands

Working Hours

By law any working professional in Netherlands have to work a maximum of 9 hours a day and 45 hours each week. Usually on most jobs you would have to work about 40 hours a week. This amounts to 8 hours a day. As far as the vacations are concerned, it depends on your company or organization. Usually employees are given a quote of 20 leaves per year. The working environment here is also very good, The Dutch people are straight forward and have a same attitude in jobs. Moreover the people here do not expect to work overtime on the jobs, so you should also expect the same.

Salary Prospects

If you want to work in Netherlands then you should expect good paying jobs in general. The jobs pay well as compared to any other Asian or African country and many developed countries. Netherlands also has the third highest minimum salary in Europe.

Medical Assistants working in Netherlands on average make about $35,000 yearly. Pharmacists also make on average about $38,000-40,000 per year. Hospital Technicians make about $28,000-30,000 per year. Physicians can also make as high as $80,000-95,000 yearly. Obviously specialists make much more than this.

These were the average salaries for the medical professionals in Netherlands. There are countless more well-paying opportunities for pharmacists, medical assistants, doctors and other professionals in Netherlands.

Healthcare Jobs in Netherlands- Conclusion

If you are on a job hunt you should definitely consider working in Netherlands. It is a great place for people seeking healthcare jobs. The salaries for the medical professionals are also great here. You can also expect to make a good fortune while working here. Especially if you are coming from any Asian or African country, you can save a lot of money. Stability in jobs is great here. Certainly Netherlands is a place you should not miss in your job search.

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