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Any profession whatever it is, as long as it provides a reliable source of income should be embraced and treasured. One such profession that doesn’t receive appreciation that it deserves is taxi driving and professional chauffeur services. Jobs in Dubai for Taxi drivers are many as it provides a reliable source of transportation especially in the metropolis and urban areas. Dubai, being the shopping capital of the world requires a lot of professional Dubai Taxi Driver Jobs.

Dubai Taxi Driver Jobs Requirement

Jobs in Dubai for Taxi drivers

A taxi driver by its basic mundane is very informal in its design but with a city like Dubai. Most jobs in Dubai has basic requirement though not too many like other Middle East locations. The requisites offered by the RTA include a valid light motor vehicle driving license issued by the emirates, certificate of good conduct and fluency in English. Other requirements would include a driver’s test, eyesight test, recent photographs, valid passport with visa and finally required fee. The service is easily obtained from their main building of the Dubai RTA, Customer service desk, Traffic office at city center or any other traffic office in the Dubai city limits.

But most of the time such requirements are not individually acquired but the company offering the employment opportunity. They take care of such matters as visa, driver’s license and some sort of in-house training into the AMAN system that provides control for taxi drivers speed, distributed among 8007 taxi companies in the Emirates. When it comes to especially chauffeur services for jobs in Dubai competence by companies include job experience, customer service, navigation skills, rules and regulation of driving in the Emirates and taxi management.

Jobs in Dubai for Taxi drivers

Jobs in Dubai for Taxi drivers

Of course, you will not immigrate into a foreign land especially the hot, dry and restrictive like the Emirates. without some contentful remuneration. Most companies offer a satisfactory basic amount that most people find they can comfortably live on and send back home. But most despite the basic salary pay on commission on the work done and customers handled.

Dubai is a land of many opportunities for both formal and informal job sectors. You will be surprised that the jobs in Dubai that you underestimated are very rewarding both emotionally and financially.

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