Doctors jobs in Saudi Arabia – Working as a Physician

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Doctors jobs in Saudi Arabia are high paying jobs in the country but here we are sharing some information about Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the second largest country in the Arab world. The Muslim nation is governed by a monarchy and derives much of its wealth from oil resources. According to the Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal, the healthcare budget in Saudi Arabia was 86 billion SAR in 2012. In 2015, the population of this large desert nation was around 30 million people, of which 20 to 33 percent was foreign workers, and the number continues to grow — an increase reflected in the population’s current pharmaceutical expenditures. Doctors jobs in Saudi Arabia are expected to increase accordingly, as the population’s health care needs increase.

Doctors jobs in Saudi Arabia Are Tax-Free Jobs

Doctors jobs in Saudi Arabia

Paramedical reports that foreign doctors in Saudi Arabia enjoy high, tax-free wages. Working in the country also comes with the benefits of low gas and transportation costs, low violent crime rates, and — for most positions — free housing and six to eight weeks of vacation time per year. Dubai, one of the most popular leisure destinations in the United Arab Emirates, is easily accessible by flight from Saudi Arabia. Foreign doctors often enter Saudi Arabia under one- to two-year work contracts, and many may renew their contracts, choosing to return to both employment and culture.

How many Doctors jobs in Saudi Arabia ?

Doctors jobs in Saudi Arabia

The American Osteopathic Association notes that many physicians in their residencies, particularly in the field of preventative medicine, work in Saudi Arabia for the valuable learning experience. As reported in World Health & Population, Saudi Arabia employs more physicians than any other country in the region, adjusted for population size. The government spent $16.3-billion on health and social services in 2010, up 51 percent from the previous year, and continues to improve its healthcare system. At least 15,000 additional doctors jobs in Saudi Arabia will need to be filled by 2020 to meet the population’s needs, making the country an ideal destination for qualified physicians from all over the world.

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