Childcare Jobs in Netherlands for Expats

Working in the Netherlands

Obviously if you are looking for jobs abroad, you must be interested in working in Netherlands. It has been consistently been ranked among top places in the world to expat workers. The living standards are very high here. Moreover the crime rate is also very low here. These are the things which surely expat workers consider while applying for jobs. If you are specifically looking for childcare jobs in Netherlands, then there are reasonable job prospects for you.

Work and Residence Permit

If you belong to the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, then you can live in the Netherlands. In this case you do not need any residence or work permit. If you are a Croatian citizen then you will need a work permit but for the first year only. Moreover you will also need to register yourself with the concerned the concerned Dutch authorities. If you are from anywhere else in the world then you will have to provide your employer a work permit. You also require a residence permit in this case. For anyone who holds the European Union Blue Card, they only need a residence permit the work permit is not required. You can know more about the requirement on the official site of Government of Netherlands.

Childcare Jobs in Netherlands

Childcare Jobs in Netherlands

Citizen Service Number

For starting work in the Netherlands you also need a Citizen Service Number. In Netherlands, it is called as burgerservicenumber or BSN. It is a sort of social security number and is also for the purpose of personal tax. You can get it when you register yourself at the city hall in your city, when you arrive here.

Job Responsibilities of Childcare Jobs in Netherlands

If you want to work as a childcare worker then you have to supervise and nurture children. Kids under your supervision maybe a few months old the five years old. You will have to look after children each day and the engage them in positive activities during the day. The parents may expect you to report the behaviour of their children to them. You would also have to work on educating children about the basic manners as well as social skills.

Qualifications Required for Childcare Jobs

If you want to work as a childcare professional when you do not need any sort of major qualification. You should at least have a high school diploma. If you want to work in day-care centres or nurseries, then having any diploma or training in childhood education can increase your chance of getting the job. Any sort of first-aid training or fie training can also be presented in the CV when applying for childcare jobs. On the other hand, babysitters or people working at private homes do not need any sort of formal education.

Childcare Jobs in Netherlands- The Work Environment

In Netherlands child care workers can work in very diverse environments. You can find jobs in child day care services as well as local, state or private schools. You can also work in private homes caring for someone’s children. The most childcare jobs are available in day care services industry.

Childcare Jobs in Netherlands

Childcare Jobs in Netherlands

Working Schedule

While doing childcare jobs in Netherlands you can expect to work up to 36 to 40 hours a week. The working hours are between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for childcare workers, like any other job.

If you are working at a private home you may expect to work at different times during the week. It depends upon the requirements of the family who has hired you.

In Netherlands the working people do not expect to do overtime work except for some jobs. So it is very likely that if you are working in any nursery or day care centre, not have to work overtime.

Childcare Jobs in Netherlands- Salary Prospects

You might also be interested in knowing about the wages of the child care professionals. Actually it depends upon the nature of your job how much an organisation or family is willing to pay. But the minimum wage which you can expect in Netherlands is 1507.80 euros per month. This amounts to 8.70 euros per hour. But with normal experience you can expect to earn around 20,000 to 23,000 euros annually. Obviously the more your experience is and better the organization, the more you can earn.


If you are an expat looking to work in the Netherlands, then there are many opportunities for you. You can do part-time childcare jobs in Netherlands if you are studying. Even doing it full time you can make some good money. Moreover Netherlands is a great place to live and work in so you can spend quality time while working here.

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